Tailored 风险 and 它的风险 咨询服务

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Tailored 风险 and 它的风险 咨询服务

凯时k66登录, we help create internal controls that safeguard your business assets against changes in the current business and regulatory environment and increase the overall performance of the organization. 我们的实际, scalable solutions consider the tight integration between operational performance and the effective use of technology to ensure we address the most important challenges our clients experience. A secure technology environment should be a catalyst to achieve your strategic vision, not an impediment or an unfortune headline. We understand that companies face the challenge of doing more with fewer resources, that every business function is expected to bring value to the organization, and that there is increased public and regulatory scrutiny on accountability and transparency. Whether mandated by regulatory requirements or being tasked with a specific mandate like identifying cost containment opportunities through improvement initiatives, management will look to internal audits to be an active driver in adding value.

Clearview’s 风险 and 它的风险 咨询服务 will help create and implement internal controls that increase the efficiency, 有效性, and overall performance of the organization. Our team offers experience from both sides of the equation, including Chief Audit Executives, Audit and 它的审计 导演s and Managers, in addition to career 内部审计, 它的审计, 合规及风险顾问. 我们的成功, having saved millions of dollars for our clients and allowing them to sleep better at night, has enabled us to grow our 风险 and IT 咨询 practice into one of the largest in the region.

合规、尽职调查 & 技术

  • 萨班斯-奥克斯利法案合规
  • 法规遵从性
  • Workiva Integrated 风险/Compliance Implementation
  • Pre and Post Acquisition Due Diligence
  • 政策及程序谘询

Enterprise 风险 Management (ERM) & 欺诈防范

  • ERM项目咨询
  • 企业风险评估
  • 欺诈风险评估
  • 欺诈检测与预防


  • 内部审计咨询
  • 内部审计 Staff Augmentation
  • External Quality 评估s (EQA)
  • 工艺设计及改进

它的审计 & 评估

  • 这审计Co-Source & 完整的外包
  • IT SOX Program Design and Optimization
  • 它的风险 and Governance 评估s
  • 网络安全 风险 and Best Practice 评估s


We are experts at developing and optimizing programs to address regulatory requirements, 包括短袜, for companies of all sizes and maturity levels.  Our approach is practical and leverages technology solutions, 如Workiva, to ensure each program is efficient and addresses our client’s needs.  另外, our team has extensive experience performing pre and post acquisition due diligence projects to minimize the 风险 of any deal breakers identified during a transaction and to facilitate effective integration after a deal closes.


Our team implements and/or improves 风险 management functions by applying our proven methodologies to address high and emerging 风险 areas. We understand the 风险s that are relevant to your organization and your business partners.  Our flexible approach allows us to direct resources to areas that should be priority 风险 considerations for Management and Stakeholders.


The Clearview team implements practical strategies to support internal audit functions across a wide array of industries. We have established a proven internal audit methodology that focuses on addressing and monitoring our Clients’ key business objectives and 风险s.


Clearview helps our clients identify opportunities for improvement in their IT internal control programs, processes and infrastructure through comprehensive audits and assessments. Whether we’re operating as your fully outsourced IT audit partner or providing specialized assistance to your existing 它的审计 team, our experienced professionals are ready to help.

  • 案例研究

    内部审计 and SOX Co-Source Services

  • 案例研究

    它的风险 & 咨询: Sinclair Broadcast Group

    See how 凯时k66登录 helped Sinclair Broadcast Group create a solution that was beneficial to internal and external stakeholders.



  • 克丽丝Pratte


    克丽丝Pratte is a 导演 in the Firm’s 咨询服务 practice and co-leads the firm’s 内部审计 and 萨班斯-奥克斯利法案合规 engagements and pursuits. Kris has more than 20 years of internal audit, 风险, 合规, 过程改进, 上市前准备, M&一个尽职调查, and fraud prevention experience as a Chief Audit Executive for both public and private companies.

  • 亚伦克尔


    Aaron leads Clearview’s 咨询服务 practice and is responsible for setting the strategic objectives of the practice, 建立高效的团队, and ensuring client satisfaction. 另外, he provides subject matter expertise in creating innovative IT audit, 数据分析, 网络安全, and 合规 solutions for his clients.


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