Meet Chase & Yoon: 2021 Risk Advisory Interns

Q: What type of work did you do as an Risk Advisory Intern?

Chase: This summer, I had the pleasure to work with a publicly traded, global hospitality company. I had the opportunity to attend and participate in preparation meetings to help control owners prepare for walk-through meetings with external auditors. I also attended and participated in walk-through meetings, assisting the control owners to show the external auditors how they conduct their controls. I also utilized Workiva to upload supporting documentation, mark-up samples and test controls.

Yoon: During my internship, I worked heavily on engagements for a private bank. I had a chance to do control testing for several different areas such as information security & cyber security, backup & recovery, and business continuity & disaster recovery audit. I frequently evaluated the company’s internal documents and summarized corresponding results in Workiva. Also, I joined several walk-through meetings to observe and take notes.

Q: What did you enjoy about your internship with Clearview?

Chase: I enjoyed many things about my internship with Clearview, from the exceptional people I’ve met, to the beautiful office – everything about Clearview is special. What I enjoy the most about Clearview is the culture, everyone makes me feel welcome and is happy to assist me whenever I may need. The teamwork and comradery within Clearview are second to none and is something I am very grateful to be a part of.

Yoon: I really enjoyed the people/culture at Clearview – everyone was so willing to help and explain anything when I reached out for clarification. Also, I like how employees trust and encourage one another – this helped me work alongside peers effectively.

Q: How will your internship with clearview help you during your remaining semesters of school as well as with your career?

Chase: My internship with Clearview will help me with the remainder of my education immensely. I have learned very much about the internal audit process, drafting internal controls, and testing internal controls. The skills and concepts I have learned will help me with my upcoming audit and fraud examination courses. As for my career, the hands-on experience I have gained with Clearview will set the foundation. The skills and knowledge I have gained throughout my 10-week internship will be vital to my success as a consultant and professional.

Yoon: During this internship, I learned how to craft professional correspondence and communicate with others effectively. This will be very helpful for me to communicate with professors and classmates during my remaining semester of school and while at my future career.

Q: What made your internship experience better than you anticipated?

Chase: My internal mentor made my internship much better than I anticipated. He helped me every step of the way, he showed me the ropes, and gave me the tools to become a successful consultant. I could not have asked for a better mentor, or company to have taken my internship with.

Yoon: The people in Clearview made my internship experience better because people whom I met was very resourceful and professional. They always provided thorough explanations and allowed plenty of time for me to complete a certain task.


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