Rich Compton

Managing Director, Business Development

Adapting to the new world of work

The year 2020 has brought plenty of changes that we are still grappling with today from social distancing, wearing masks, even hoarding of toilet paper, but perhaps the most pervasive change for office-based workers is the way we work. Pre-pandemic the normal routine was for employees to commute to their office daily, now it’s shifted from working in the office to remotely working from anywhere. In a recent study from May conducted by Forbes, they surveyed blue chip companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Goldman Sachs and posed the question to their employees if they would prefer to work remotely permanently or receive a $30,000 a year raise. Of 3,000 respondents, the survey found that 64% of respondents took remote work over the money.

As vaccine rates have increased and COVID-19 cases decline, the country has begun reopening restaurants, concerts, and yes, corporate offices. As companies scrambled in the beginning of the pandemic to adapt to the lockdowns, many companies had invested heavily in their IT infrastructure, revamped their corporate policies, and changed the way their core business operations were conducted. As American business are resilient, they rose to the occasion despite the headaches. However, as things have begun to return to “normal” the question now is do we stay remote, revert to pre-pandemic, or implement a hybrid work model? With each of these options presents a slew of pros ranging from expanding your talent pool to finding cost synergies, and cons that include loss of corporate culture and employee engagement. Companies nationwide are deciding what’s best for the organization and their employees including how to handle a slew of issues from lack of hardware, having an adequate network security, implementing new process changes, and maintaining and improving their company’s culture.

Fortunately, Clearview has the capability and experience to help your business with this transition to continue with remote work, transition to a hybrid model, or return to the office. As a firm we can ensure that your company is ready to quickly pivot in this fast-changing environment.

Our services range from Technology & Cybersecurity services including process improvements, network engineering, and cybersecurity to Risk Advisory and IT Risk Advisory services where we can ensure both your Non-IT and IT controls are adequately in place and operational to facilitate choices in how your company decides to work in this ever-changing environment. Additionally, Clearview also offers services to assist with your Human Resources and related Business processes where we can help improve and implement adapted policies and procedures to support the corporate culture and changing business processes.

For more information on how Clearview can assist you with this shift, you can explore our Expertise section on our website, or reach out directly to Rich Compton, Business Development Director, at

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